What Property Television Programmes are on in September?

We used to watch around 8 hours of property TV programmes a week and despite the current downturn our fascination for property doesn't seem to have wavered! Some programmes are purely for entertainment, others (even daytime!) are exceptionally helpful and to make it easier to plan your week around viewing property programmes, here's our weekly property TV schedule for SEPTEMBER:-

Popular Weekly ShowsChannel TimeOther Information
Property Snakes and LaddersChannel 48-9pm 
Location, Location, LocationChannel 48-9pm 
A Place in the Sun: Home or USA?Channel 48-9pm 
Weekend WatchingChannel TimeOther Information
Most weekend property shows are
repeats on More 4, here are the
main listings:-
A Place in the SunMore 49-10am 
Grand DesignsMore 44.35-10pm 
A Place in the SunMore 49-10am 
Home ImprovementVirgin 110-11am 
Escape to the CountryBBC 21-1.30pm 
Build a New Life in the CountryFiver8-9pm 
Daily Shows Monday to FridayChannelTimeOther Information
Escape to the CountryBBC 110-11am
No Place Like Home?ITV 110.30-11.25am
Homes Under the HammerBBC 111-11.30am
60 Minute MakeoverITV 111.30-12.30pm 
Property List: Top SpotsFive2.50-3.05pmHighlights only
A Place in the Sun: Home or Away?More 43-4pm
Relocation, RelocationMore 45-6pm
Grand DesignsMore 47-8pm
Property Snakes and LaddersMore 49-10pm 
The Home ShowMore 410-11.10pm 

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