Overseas Property Market Update September/October 2009

Overseas Property Commentary for September/October 2009
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It's hard enough analysing and reporting on the property market in the UK, let alone around the world, but one thing is for sure, the housing markets abroad are suffering as much as here in the UK! It seems that some countries are suffering less (just like some areas in the UK) as prices haven't increased quite so much, these include Istanbul whose banking system was heavily regulated some years ago after their own banking crisis. 

Areas of the Caribbean have had mixed performance. I've just come back from St Lucia, my favourite place in the Caribbean. Advertised prices haven't really dropped, the main difference is that you can negotiate a lot harder on the offer. One property I saw (and just missed!) had a great deal. READ MORE 

However, the latest report from the Global Property Guide team following their other report: House price falls during year to end Q1 2009, The Worst Ever and the Knight Frank Global Property Reports
and Savills Reports

Unlike the UK, one of the issues buying and selling abroad is that it can take a year or more to find a buyer. This is especially the case for holiday homes and at the 'top end' of the market as in the UK property prices have started to stabilise due to a lack of supply, but abroad, people don't need the roof over their head, so they'll continue to sell if they have to and can't rely on a local to purchase. 

Interesting Country Reports
Spain sold less than 500 properties in Q1 2009

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There are far too many stats to list here about what's happening in every country around the world! However there are four good statistics resources that are worth studying:-



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