How to Set up a Property Action Group

If you have a property problem, then it may be that you share this problem with other people and if you get together to form an action group, then you can share the workload and costs involved.

What an Action Group CAN do!

Meet up and share their experiences - good and bad
Agree outcomes of what the action group does in the form of aims and objectives
Agree a list of things 'to do' to achieve your aims and objectives
Use different talents and expertise within the group to get things done
Help share the workload
Give you a stronger voice
Help share the costs of any legal or other work

What an Action Group CAN'T do!

Operate without one or two people leading the group
Be organised by someone not affected by the problem free of charge
Guarantee you get any money back
Guarantee a result

Neither should you or anyone within the action group break the law or this could make the situation worse.

To set up an action group, you need to:-

1. Appoint someone to head up the action group

2. Get each member of the group to collate ALL correspondence with the company/person into one PDF

3. Make sure each member can prove they paid money and where this money went to

4. Decide what you want the group to do. Do you want to send a letter to the company? Spend money on a solictor to find out if there has been any fraud? Do you want to report the company to Trading Standards? Can one of you take the cases to the Citizens Advice Bureau? Do you want to report the company to the Action Fraud Helpline? Can your cases go through the Small Claims Court?

5. You can hold 'meetings' via conference calling or get together to go through the issues, agree next steps and decide who does what.

If, as a group you haven't got the time or expertise to work out what can be done, then you are likely to have to pay anything from £500 to £1,500 to a solicitor that will review the material and advise what legal course of action you can take.

Alternatively, you can appoint a person that will run the action group on members behalf, but you should budget up to £1,500 for this or more if there are 10+ people that have been affected. can take on the role of heading up an Action Group, but before anything can be done, conversations can be had/emails responded to you need to:-

1. Find a minimum of 7 people willing/able to pay £75 each. All we can then do is invest this money in  reviewing your cases from a business perspective and find out what, if any, recourse there might be. If our recommendations are to consult a solicitor then a further £1,000 budget (between 7 people) is likely to be required for a legal company to be engaged to ascertain what action can be taken and give you, as a group, how much this action is likely to cost.

2. Once a group has been formed, each member will have to collate ALL correspondence with the company concerned, in date order and put this into a word document or a PDF.

As a company we are often up against tight publishing and existing client deadlines our leadtimes for new business range from four to six weeks.

For further information on how you can report a property investment company that you think is not acting properly, visit our article on 'What to do if a Property Investment Company Owes you Money'

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