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Getting your foot on the property ladder should be an exciting time. But make a few mistakes and you could miss out on the home you want, or buy something overpriced or unsuitable.

To help you avoid these mistakes, the experts at Designs on Property have developed a pack full of comprehensive information for first time buyers. With the addition of worksheets, mini-projects and checklists for you to complete, you now have a clear path through the process of finding and buying a home that’s right for you.

As well as the pack, you are also guaranteed free one-to-one advice by phone or online to the Designs on Property experts. Find out more about the Designs on Property Team or watch Kate Faulkner’s videos.

Join the people who got on the property ladder with our help!
Michael is now enjoying his dream home - a 200 year old Listed building: “The Designs on Property team take away the stress and worry of paying out money for services you don’t know if you need. I really felt like I was in charge of my purchase rather than it being completely out of my control!”

Here’s what you’ll find in your First Time Buyers pack:-

First Time Buyers’ Factsheets
A series of factsheets provide you with comprehensive, independent information - clearly written and in an easy to use format.

They cover everything from choosing a property and area in which to live, to the legal steps every buyer needs to know about. The factsheets have all been written in response to the mistakes we have seen buyers make and the questions we are most often asked about the process.

Many of our tips are simple (although too often overlooked), like making sure you always visit each property at different times of day to get a real feel for the area. But some are techniques that experienced property buyers wouldn’t manage without, such as adding up the floor area of each room to get a better understanding of the real value of different properties.

We give you advice, such as the right way to make an offer on a property, which could save you thousands on your first home. There’s even essential information on how the right survey and valuation can give you a clear picture of the condition of your home right from the start.

First Time Buyers’ Checklists
All of our experience about the process of buying a home has also gone into checklists that will make sure nothing is missed out or left until it’s too late.

There are 100-plus steps listed in a logical sequence, covering all the essential actions and many that will help you get extra value and less hassle from your investment.

The checklists include steps for:

  1. Researching and budgeting before you start to view properties.
  2. Comparing different mortgage offers.
  3. Dealing with estate agents, solicitors and lenders in the right way.
  4. Viewing properties so that you can assess and compare each one, no matter how many you see.
  5. Letting everybody know your new address when you move.

Independent List of Property Service Suppliers
Comprehensive lists of organisations and companies you may need to call on, all of whom we have personally experienced and can recommend. We have also negotiated special offers with many, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds.

Save time - and get better results
You could spend several weeks trawling the internet for information, never really knowing which of it is reliable or independent. Our pack is different, coming from truly independent property experts and containing only unbiased, up-to-date advice and practical help.

And remember, as well as getting the pack itself you also get unlimited email and phone access to the Designs on Property experts for advice about buying your first home.

Having access to independent and qualified experts like this could prove to be invaluable throughout your hunt to find and secure your perfect home.

Get a helping hand with our new First Time Buyer Service for just £19.99!

Property expert, Kate Faulkner, has joined forces with B&Q and other industry experts to offer a unique service, where you purchase a ‘property project pack’ that gives you:-

  • An A4 ‘how to’ guide (approx 80 pages), containing Dos and Don’ts, Factsheets, Checklists, Handy Tips and Forms
  • Access to Kate and her team, by phone and email, for any queries you might have during your project.

See the full list of Kate Faulkner's unique Property Services here!

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