Develop a Property - Top 10 Dos and Don'ts

It's essential to develop your property well so that you can add value to your property or if you are staying in your home for a long time, you have the finish that you want and can afford.

Top 10 Dos and Don'ts for Developing a Property:-

Do make sure you understand the size of the project and have a surveyor look at the property and your plans before you go ahead!

2. Don't try to carry out the project too quickly - or skimp on any key steps

3. Do cost the project accurately, if necessary get specialist help from a local builder's merchants

4. Don't call in tradespeople a few weeks before you start the project, speak to them months or for major builds over £50,000, even a year before you are ready to start the project!

5. Do make sure you know how to avoid cowboy builders and tradesman

6. Don't stint on materials that need to be of high quality, eg bricks, driveways, windows, roofing, showers.

7. Do get help from as many sources as you can - inlcuding from Designs on Property!

8. Don't change your plans every week of the project build - It can cost you a fortune, or loose your builder.

9. Do take time out of your working day to speak to trades people at the start and end of the day.

10. Do make sure that you don't hand over all the money until a month after the build and make sure this is in your agreement. It's usually around 10% of the job.

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