Unusual Property - Top Ten Dos and Don'ts

If you haven't enough time to read any of our factsheets our eBook or one of our books, or are at an early stage in thinking about buying an unusual property, then make sure you check out our Top 10 Tips:-

Top Ten Dos and Don'ts when buying an Unusual Property

1. Do check out what financing restrictions/options there are.

2. Don't overpay for an unusual property, do lots of research first.

3. Do have a 30 percent contingency available for the cost of buying and any work that needs doing.

4. Don't make an offer until you have drawn up detailed budgets, fixing prices where you can.

5. Do have expert surveys done and do what they have recommended.

6. Don't buy without really understanding the downsides of your purchase.

7. Do make sure you budget additional costs for bespoke furniture/window sizes.

8. Don't confirm your offer without checking what insurance restrictions/options are available.

9. Do be aware that it may take you a long time to sell the property as the market will be restricted.

10.Don't buy/sell/own alone! Find a specialist owners society, there is always one!

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