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So who is Kate Faulkner?
Kate has an amazing mix of spending 10 years renting, buying, renovating and then selling property which she enjoyed so much, she decided to work in the property industry.

Kate lives and breathes property on a daily basis. Her company www.designsonproperty.co.uk provides fantastic independent help and advice to First Time Buyers, including a FREE question and answer service (just Contact Us) and along with her expert team, Kate has developed a UK's first: The First Time Buyers' Property Pack.

The Pack is full of comprehensive information for First Time Buyers and includes worksheets, mini-projects and checklists for you to complete, giving you a clear path through the process of finding and buying a home that’s right for you.

Kate also runs a specialist PR, Marketing and Sales company for property companies and has worked across the property industry including the relocation market, self build and renovation, renting, property investment, new build and part exchange services.  

Find out more about the Designs on Property team or watch Kate Faulkner’s videos.




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