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Want to Appear on TV?

Have you recently moved into your Dream Home or are you planning to in the near future?

Shed Media are looking for 30 people with aspirational stories of how they acquired their dream home.

  • Have you gone to extraordinary lengths to obtain your dream home? Did you go against conventional wisdom, take a massive financial gamble that paid off or trade up the property ladder to brilliant effect?
  • May be you extended your home to maximise your profit, restored a wreck into a must have property, built your dream house from scratch or are about to buy an historic property.  
  • Could your personal property experiences give others a unique insight into how to obtain their dream home in the future?

If this sounds like you or some one you know and you would be interested in participating in a brand new property TV series for one of the UK’s leading broadcasters, we would love to speak with you ASAP. For more details please contact us via:-
Tel: 0845 838 1763

Shed Media


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