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Top Five Selling Mistakes

  1. Overpricing a Property
    This is the biggest reason why properties DON’T sell. If a property is overvalued, on average it takes approximately eight months to sell and will sell for LESS than it was originally valued for. How do you know if your property is overpriced? If you have received no viewings in the first two weeks, then it’s likely to be overvalued.
  2. Unbalanced Property
    It is really hard to sell a five bed property with a small garden or a three bed flat with no garden, so if you have an ‘unbalanced’ property make sure you price competitively!
  3. Part Finished Property
    Buyers are starting to split into two camps. The wannabe developers who want a complete wreck and the wanna move in nows who are after a beautifully done home! If you have a property that is half and half, it doesn’t appeal to either buyer, so get your property finished, or don’t start the work in the first place.
  4. Not having a For Sale Board
    Despite the huge growth in on-line property viewings, boards are still an incredibly useful tool to advertise your property for sale, so if you can use one, do – you never know who might be passing!
  5. Big Dogs and Other Smells!
    Now Kate is a big dog lover, but even she puts her hound out when selling (particularly as he used to enjoy eating people too!). People need to view homes without distractions and the slightest thing can put a buyer off, so make sure the house smells lovely (or not at all) and all the rooms ‘do what they say in the brochure’.
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