Top Five Quick Sale Mistakes

  1. Believing whatever the cash buyer tells you!
    Don’t! Make sure you get an independent valuation of your home, or check out what it’s worth before someone starts to work out the minimum they could offer you.
  2. Believing a Quick Sale is the only way out!
    There are lots of other things you can do if you are planning a quick sale because you are struggling with the mortgage. You can let a room to a tenant for tax free income (see our Quick Sale Tips) or you can rent the whole home out and live somewhere else until you are back on your feet. Re-negotiating the mortgage with the lender and even help from the government can mean you can keep your roof over your head, don’t ignore any repossession notices, get help NOW!  Contact us at or tel 0845 838 1763.
  3. Using someone else’s recommended legal company
    Never do this. Make sure you ask them to pay for a legal company of YOUR choice. This is really important, so if you are stuck and need help contact us.
  4. Selling for too low a price
    Properties can be sold really quickly, through auctions or through estate agents if they are priced right. Selling to ‘companies with cash’ can mean you sell for tens of thousands of pounds less than you need to, so if you need to sell quickly, contact us first and we’ll help you put a plan together.
  5. Not packing until it’s too late
    It is tough when you have to sell quickly, whatever the reason, so don’t make it harder on you and your family by not packing soon enough. It can take a good two days to pack all your belongings, and that’s with several people helping. Make sure you are packed and ready to go the NIGHT BEFORE you have to leave as it might take one or two van loads to shift your goods.


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