Top Five Private Sellers' Mistakes


  1. Choosing to sell privately to save money
    There isn’t really that much in it. You do the work, or the agent does and it’s only when you do it yourself you will realise how frustrating it can be. Viewers book to visit and don’t turn up, people visit and then don’t give you feedback, people procrastinate and then give really low offers. You have to deal with all this, so you are better off choosing to sell privately because you want to be in control of your sale, use the ‘saving money’ as an added bonus.
  2. Choosing ‘any’ online private sales website
    There are too many private sales websites that just think by setting up a site, they can get you to pay upfront whether they sell your property or not and think they’ll make a fortune – at your expense. Most don’t work. Only a handful have been around for more than a few years, so make sure you used the established ones - see our Private House Sales section.
  3. Forgetting security
    People that like to steal things like looking at your photos, visiting your property, persuading you to meet them somewhere else to discuss a deal, so they know you are out! Be careful, hide valuables, be clear on security and never meet anyone that just gives a mobile telephone number and email address, you need to know more about them before you invite them into your home.
  4. Not telling the agent
    It isn’t difficult to try and sell privately while also using an agent and getting the best of both worlds. However, you need to advise the agent IN WRITING and put the information on the signed Terms and Conditions so it is obvious and you can prove that the buyer made an offer through the private sales route as opposed to the agent’s efforts.
  5. Thinking when someone makes an offer they mean it!
    One in three sales fall through after offer stage, so don’t take your property off the market unless you are sure the offer made can be followed through and certainly don’t accept an offer from someone that hasn’t sold their own home.
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