Top Five Mistakes when Choosing an Agent

  1. Choosing the agent with the highest valuation
    Typically this is the worst agent to work with as it’s a ‘tactic’ some agents believe gives them more business. If everyone else suggests around £150,000 and one comes in at £165,000 why would they be right and everyone else wrong?
  2. Signing the terms and conditions without reading them!
    Some companies will tie you into all sorts of things including a long time to sell your property such as 24 weeks. NEVER sign the T&Cs unless you have read them first. Alternatively send them to us and we’ll have a look at them, via
  3. Not agreeing how they will market the property
    If the agent has 50 properties for sale and only room for 20 in their window and 30 in a paper advert, they won’t be able to feature your property week in and week out, so agree how they will market the property from week to week and get it in writing.
  4. Choosing an agent with the lowest commission
    If a company only charges 0.5% and another charges 1% then work out how much this would actually be. Then work out how much it would cost the agent to sell the property (it’s usually around £1,000 just to market a property) and more for more expensive areas/property types. Lowest commission agents usually mean worst service, so don’t instruct them and then complain about a lack of service!
  5. Choosing an agent that doesn’t normally cover your area
    Some agents like to expand into an area and that’s fine, but don’t let them test out their expansion strategy on YOUR property unless they have a presence within three miles of your property.


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