Top 10 Tips to Selling Overseas

  1. Find out the rules and process of selling abroad from an international, English speaking expert. Read a book, read our country guides, read the newspapers, visit Global Property Guide but NEVER just rely on locals telling you ‘whats what’.
  2. Check with a property legal and tax expert what the rules are relating to profit from the sale.
  3. Talk to a foreign currency specialist NOT your local bank about costs of foreign exchange for selling property abroad. They can even fix currency prices for your financial security.
  4. Confirm if you can take money and how much out of the country?
  5. Have all the paperwork ready to sell the home, including proof of ownership, any planning or building certificates (particularly if bought from new).
  6. Make sure you use an English speaking, international lawyer as well as a local legal person to carry out the sale of the property.
  7. Choose a local agent AND try to sell via UK agents that advertise foreign properties as well as overseas property sale websites, particularly while the sales market is slow.
  8. Put it on the market during the holiday season – if required, rent it out before then, but check the local  rules/regulation and tax implications.
  9. Visit the property and work out how to keep it neat and tidy while people are viewing and you aren’t there.
  10. Make sure you have an independent survey and valuation on the property so you know what it’s worth and if there is any work required on the property. It also helps avoid any situation where a ‘local’ might sell to someone in the trade for less than it’s worth.
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