Top 10 Tips for Selling Rural Property

  1. Take your time to work out which agent will best sell your property.
  2. If you are ‘between’ towns and villages, then consider marketing via two agents that will expose you to different markets.
  3. If your rural property is an equestrian, small holding or period property, consider specialist promotion via sites such as Rural Scene and Period Property.
  4. Talk to prospective agents at length about how they will market your property – in the window and on the website isn’t good enough - you’ll need lots of extra specialist marketing and they must have the right contacts, especially if it includes farm land etc.
  5. Pricing a rural property can be difficult as there are likely to be few comparables to work with. Work out what your minimum price to sell at would be and then ask for valuations.
  6. If you have land with your property, make sure the Land Registry details are correct and it’s easy for potential buyers to understand what they are buying.
  7. Make sure any rules and regulations that you have to abide by are clear to potential buyers, for example if you have woodland and need approval to cut down trees.
  8. Check with the local planners to see if you could enhance the value of your property/land with planning permission to extend or even sell a ‘plot of land’. 
  9. Ensure buyers’ understand the real pros of rural living. For example, services in local villages or weekly deliveries from supermarkets direct to your door can enhance the appeal and saleability of your property.
  10. Talk to the agents as to whether a for sale board would be a good idea or not. Some properties can’t due to conservation regulations, others prefer not to from a security perspective, however it is still one of the best tools to secure viewings and a sale.
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