Top 10 Tips to Buying a Holiday Home in the UK

  1. Compare the cost of renting a holiday home versus the cost of buying, maintaining and selling one.
  2. Write down the pros and cons of having a holiday home from a personal perspective not a cost one. What would you do if the heating breaks down and you are miles away? What if it’s burgled? Will you really use it as much as you hope?
  3. Consider buying with friends and/or family to share the cost burden.
  4. Why not consider renting to a local person for part of the year and then holidaying in it when you want to so the property doesn’t lay empty for most of the year?
  5. Talk to a property tax expert on the best way to buy, own and run the property, especially if you are looking at securing income from renting it out. The rules changed on 6th April 2010!
  6. Check out the specialist insurance packages available specifically for holiday homes as a standard ‘building and contents’ package won’t cover you for many of the problems suffered by holiday homes.
  7. Don’t ‘fall in love’ with a property when on holiday and buy it there and then. You are likely to get a better price out of season and make a decision with your head, not too much of your heart! You also need to secure legal and tax advice before you buy.
  8. If you are buying near the sea, a river or other ‘attraction’ do get the property properly checked out for damp, cliff erosion (people’s properties have been known to fall in shortly after they have bought them) and for potential flooding.
  9. If you are buying in a conservation area or ‘area of natural beauty’ make sure you understand what the restrictions are on owning, developing and selling the property.
  10. Check, check and check again that a holiday home is exactly what you want and have a contingency plan just in case you need to sell in hurry. 


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