Top 10 Things you Need to Know NOW!


  1. If you don’t want your first buying experience to be too stressful, you need to know now that you can’t just see a property, get the finance and then buy it.


  2. You need to carry out over 70 specific tasks to successfully buy a home.


  3. You are likely to have to cut back on your spending to save enough money for a deposit. Kate’s first deposit took her several years to save for - she gave up going out and abroad!


  4. Understand the harsh reality of compromise. Whether you have millions of pounds or less than £100,000 to spend on a home, you are likely to have to compromise on something - location, size of property, a garden, flat versus a house.


  5. If there isn’t the property you want in your price range – it’s not the agent’s fault! You can still find somewhere, but you’ll have to find cheaper areas. Also read articles 'It isn't easy finding the right property' and 'I can't afford where I want to buy'.


  6. You can’t find a property by just looking on the internet, you need to visit the area, the road and the property before you dismiss – or fall in love with a home!


  7. Everybody will give you advice on how to buy and value a property. Most of it will be wrong. There are good estate agents and good conveyancers (solicitors) if you know how to find and choose them, your purchase will go a lot more smoothly.


  8. There isn’t one price for a property, there are at least five. Also read 'Six Prices of a Property'.


  9. A property is only worth what a buyer will pay for it and the vendor (seller) will accept.


  10. If you cancel too many viewings, just don’t turn up or are too specific about what you want and don’t have an unlimited budget, the agents will stop contacting you!

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