Top 10 Selling and Buying Dos and Don'ts

  1. Don’t just assume there is a better property out there for you, make sure you can afford what you want.
  2. Do try to secure an offer before you make one on a property yourself.
  3. Don’t expect selling a home and buying one at the same time to be easy – it's hard work.
  4. Do work through some ‘back up’ options if you receive an offer on your property but can’t find one to buy.
  5. Don’t be unrealistic about what you expect someone to pay for your property and what you want to pay for the property you want to buy – just be fair!
  6. Do find a good estate agent that will sell your home and try to progress the sale and purchase of the next one (ask if they have a sales progression department) but try to avoid the ‘call centre’ versions.
  7. Don’t turn down a good offer that would allow you to move into your next home.
  8. Do think about buying a new property and making your life easy by opting to part exchange.
  9. Don’t forget to get all your paperwork sorted including a mortgage agreement in principle so you can prove to any agents and buyers that you can afford their property.
  10. Do organise a removal company rather than try to co-ordinate packing up and unpacking on the same day – it is too stressful. Ideally get the removal company to pack for you – they are trained and insured!


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