Top 10 Selling a UK Holiday Home Tips

  1. Do you need to sell the home – could you rent it out to a local person instead or make money/cover your costs from holiday rental income?
  2. Talk to a property tax expert to ensure you know what tax you will incur and hopefully minimise the bill!
  3. Ideally sell at the height of the season rather than when the tourists have gone home.
  4. Offer a ‘rent before you buy’ option (seek advice from a local lettings specialist or a holiday home company).
  5. Do visit the property and prepare it for sale, including the front and back garden areas.
  6. Visit the area and find the agents most likely to sell your property. Check that they reach buyers ‘beyond’ the local area, so if it’s likely to sell to foreign buyers or Londoners they market the property effectively.
  7. If you plan to sell outside the tourist season, consider renting it out until the tourist and potential buyers are back!
  8. Price your property carefully, it’s no use the property sitting on the market for months on end with no viewings or buyers or you’ll just incur unnecessary costs.
  9. Either visit the property regularly (monthly) or pay an agent to look after the property and carry out empty viewing checks. If the local estate agent doesn’t do this, speak to a local letting or holiday let agent.
  10. Write out to anyone that has rented the property from you to see if they’d like to buy it.
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