Top 10 Things You Need to Know if Selling Privately


  1. Only 7% of people sell their homes privately and most buyers look on Rightmove first which doesn’t accept private sales listings!
  2. Many private sales websites are set up in people’s homes, the most established are HouseWeb, The Little House Company and Property Broker.
  3. Check out new estate agency models that allow you to pay upfront, they carry out the marketing and you do the rest – why not see if there is one local to you?
  4. Don’t forget, unless the Conservatives get in, you’ll still need to buy a Home Information Pack to market your property legally or you may be fined. Ideally buy one from the company that will carry out your conveyancing. Visit our Conveyancing and HIP's section.
  5. Price your property carefully – too high and you won't get any viewings, too low and you could end up selling it for less than you’d save in estate agency fees!
  6. When selling yourself, be careful on the security front. NEVER meet anyone outside of your home at an agreed time, keep information about you and your property secure on viewings.
  7. Work out what fixtures and fittings you will and are flexible on leaving behind.
  8. When writing and taking photos of your property, the representation must be honest or you will fall foul of The Property Misdescriptions Act. For example, if you have a loft room that hasn’t full planning permission or building regulations, you can’t call it a bedroom. You will also need to declare any shared access.
  9. Organise your paperwork such as cost of your bills, your mortgage account number, any certificates for building/planning work you’ve had done, know where your stop cock is, how old the boiler is and if it’s regularly serviced.
  10. Don’t forget you can market your property privately AND with an agent if you declare this information formally to the agent beforehand.
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