Top 10 Things you Need to Know when Selling


  1. Buyers are property hunting every day, so they know what your home is worth – so don’t get carried away with what you would like to sell your property for, become a buyer first and check out your competition.
  2. Despite the DIY TV programmes, buyers can’t see what a room is unless it’s properly laid out, so if you have a double bedroom, make sure it has a double bed in it!
  3. Not all estate agents are the same! Don’t choose one to value your home unless they are already selling properties similar to yours – especially in a ‘not so good’ market.
  4. Don’t believe the property price reports in the media! Every property on every street has its own ‘micro market’ so make sure you check out what’s happening in your local market before you decide whether you are selling in a good or bad market.
  5. You will need a HIP (although if the Conservatives win the election they are saying they will scrap them) to market your property, but ideally buy this from a legal company BEFORE you instruct an estate agent so it’s portable.
  6. Check out what your neighbours sold their property for recently via the ‘sold property price’ portals.
  7. Ideas like ‘de-clutter’ your home and adding ‘kerb appeal’ do work, but forget the coffee and baking bread, it’s very last century advice!
  8. Deal with those old ‘DIY’ disasters! Bare wires and dripping taps WILL put people off and even agents could down value your property, so GET THEM FIXED.
  9. Make sure you have a list of questions to ask Estate Agents BEFORE you invite them through your front door.
  10. Decide what you want from your agent – first class hand holding service, or just to market your property? Many will now tailor their package to your requirements, and charge accordingly, so you could save some money. 
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