Top 10 Selling Dos and Don'ts

  1. Do not put your property up for sale ‘just to see what you can get'! It wastes yours and everyone else’s time!
  2. Do make sure you tidy your property and make it presentable for buyers – no-one will offer a good price for a dirty property!
  3. Don’t dictate what you think your property is worth, it’s up to a buyer and an independent surveyor!
  4. Do pretend to be a buyer of your property type before you decide on how much to sell it for and choose an agent.
  5. Don’t leave any bare wires or ‘jobs to be done’ on the property, it will distract from the value and you’ll end up getting ‘offers’.
  6. Do work out what the minimum is you need to sell your property for to ensure you can buy your next home or move on.
  7. Don’t buy a HIP from an estate agent – buy it direct from the legal company that will carry out your conveyancing work.
  8. Do choose your estate agent VERY carefully and never sign their contract without checking it first – especially the small print!
  9. Don’t keep your property on the market, if you don’t get 10 viewings and an offer in 8-10 weeks, your property is likely to be over priced, or ‘unbalanced’ or near to something that is putting people off. If you are in this situation contact us for help via email at or tel 0845 838 1763.
  10. Do consider all offers if they allow you to move on with your life!


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