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Top 10 Quick Sale Tips

  1. Do you have to sell? Could you rent out the property instead for six months or more? Could you take on a lodger and secure over £4,000 tax free a year to help with mortgage payments? Contact us first via email at or tel 0835 838 1763.
  2. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER take an offer without independent advice on the valuation from someone NOT connected to the company. EVEN if it’s an RICS surveyor. Contact us via email at or tel 0835 838 1763.
  3. Make sure you speak to local estate agent’s first and ask them for ‘a six week sale price’ and a ‘quick sale, two week’ sale price. Consider marketing at this price before you go for a private sale to a quick sale company.
  4. Investigate selling via an auction house as their terms usually mean the buyer has to purchase your property within 28 days (ie four weeks) of the auction day. Contact us first via email at or tel 0835 838 1763.
  5. Always make sure you choose and instruct your OWN legal representative, not one the ‘cash buyer’ recommends or insists on.
  6. Even though you are selling your home quickly, it is still worth making sure it looks its best, so make sure you tidy up, do a bit of painting if required and generally make it look as saleable as possible.
  7. Before you accept any offer, check the price you are being offered with a local independent agent, ideally a company that also has their own surveying practice.
  8. Ask for credentials from any ‘quick sale’ company. Ideally make sure they work with big developers on part exchange deals and/or mortgage lenders on repossessions as these companies tend to be more professional than individual investors trying to make a ‘fast buck’.
  9. If you do look to sell to an investor and they offer you a ‘sale and rent back’ scheme then check they are authorised to do so via the Financial Services Authority, if not they could well be acting illegally
  10. Don’t sell yourself short unless you absolutely have to. Contact us first, if we can help, we will.
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