Student Renting from Overseas

Student Renting from Overseas

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Articles for First Time Renters
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ImagesStudent Renting in the UK
Renting as a student in the UK can be quite a complex process. It’s not like renting as a professional or a family, most students have to secure the rental property AND agree the rental price ONE YEAR in advance!
 Top Five Tenant Responsibilities to Your Landlord
As a tenant you pay a landlord to rent their property for a set period of time. However, you can’t just do what you want, you also have to abide by legal rules and regulations.
 Top 10 Tips to Vacating a Rented Property
Good 'housekeeping' is essential when terminating a tenancy and vacating a rental property.  Follow our top 10 tips to a smooth move from your rented property, particularly if you want all your deposit monies returned!
 10 Ways to be the Best Tenant!
We often hear about ‘rogue landlords’ but rarely hear about problems that tenants can cause that result in the landlord being desperate for the tenant to leave their property.
 Top Five Tips to Terminating a Tenancy Agreement
If you're thinking about moving out of a rented property, it is essential that you follow certain steps to ensure the conditions of your tenancy agreement are not broken.

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