Selling a Holiday Home Top Five Mistakes

  1. Thinking it’ll take weeks to sell
    Holiday homes can take months and even years to sell, so prepare for a long haul job, especially in some overseas locations like France and in the downturn in Spain.
  2. Just advertising on-line
    Not everyone can afford to buy a holiday home and with the global credit crunch the numbers that could have substantially decreased both in the UK and abroad, so make sure you use all the different ways of selling from a local agent to newspapers, to on-line websites.
  3. Waiting for a high offer
    This is a dangerous strategy as if you lose an offer during the ‘high season’ you might have to wait another year – and pay out another 12 months of costs, so work out the minimum offer worth accepting.
  4. Trying to sell an empty, cold property!
    You must make it look lovely to live in and ensure the property is kept cobweb and dust free and make it as inviting as possible for prospective buyers.
  5. Not understanding Property Tax
    Holiday home tax has just changed as of April 2010 and you won’t get the tax breaks you used to, so make sure you contact us to find a property tax specialist so you don’t fall foul of the law and you can minimise the tax you pay.
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