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Sell Your Investments

Selling Your Investments

The main thing you need to know is, what to do or who to ask about what you don't know!  This is what we are here for, so ...

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Articles for Selling Your Investments
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ImagesSelling a Flat
Some people don’t realise that selling a flat can be very different to selling a house. The main reason for the difference is that you don’t own the whole property and the land it sits on. Most flat owners in the UK are likely to have a freeholder that they pay ground rent and a service charge to.
 Top Five Reasons why Houses DON’T Sell Fast!
Why don't properties sell fast? Want to know the answer? Read my top five reasons why houses don't sell fast!
 Selling a home valuations vary - which one is right?
Choosing the right estate agent is paramount to selling your house at the best possible price, particularly in the current market conditions.  Choose the wrong agent, and your property could be stuck on the market for months without even a whiff of a viewer let alone a purchaser!
 Five Options for a Quick Sale
Selling a home quickly isn’t always easy, especially in the post credit crunch era! However, so you know how to sell your home fast, to a legitimate buyer, read our five ways to quickly and safely sell your home!
 How do you market your property during a recession?
Although the buying and selling market seems to have ‘bottomed’ out for the moment and in some areas, properties can be selling within weeks, it’s still important to think carefully about all the different ways you can sell your property to achieve the best possible price.

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  Many would be interested in how to go about buying and selling on for profit
  When and How you should Sell your Property Investments
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