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Repossessed Property Sale

The main thing you need to know about a repossessed property sale is, what to do or who to ask about what you don't know!  This is what we are here for, so ...

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Articles for Selling Repossessed Property
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How to Sell a Property QuicklyHow to Sell a Property Quickly
If you want to sell your property quickly there are three different ways of doing so. All will involve spending some money, but if you need the sale urgently it might be a lot cheaper than whatever the consequences of not selling the property are.
How do you sell a property quickly if you are in debt?How do you sell a property quickly if you are in debt?
Many people when faced with the repossession of their house will turn to a ‘quick sale property company'. Many of these companies though are the worst and last place to turn if you want to sell a property quickly.
Quick Sale Top 10 TipsQuick Sale Top 10 Tips
The question is 'do you need to make a quick sale'? Take a look at our Top 10 Quick Sale Tips to ensure you're making the right decision and not being pushed to move out of your home.
How to Sell a Property in a Slow MarketHow to Sell a Property in a Slow Market
Selling a property isn’t an easy task at any time, whether a good or bad market. It is a lot of work for you to prepare the property and keep it tidy for potential visitors.
Repossesions at Auction up 85%Repossessions at Auction up 85%
Figures released by the CML show repossessions are up when compared with the same period the previous year. However at auction there has been a more dramatic rise.
Top Five Tips to Buying or Selling at AuctionTop Five Tips to Buying or Selling at Auction
Buying and selling at auction is a good way of finding and selling property fast. And if you are a seller in this current market, it could be a good way to secure a sale within weeks.
Top Tips to Avoid RepossessionTop Tips to Avoid Repossession
With repossession about to hit new heights, it's important to know that there is a lot of help to ensure that you can avoid it - without too much stress and worry.
Top Tips to Stop RepossessionTop Tips to Stop Repossession
With home repossesion rates rising daily, don't let your dream property become another repossesion statistic!  Read these ten top tips to stop your home becoming repossessed.
I am desperate to sell, what are my options?I am desperate to sell, what are my options?
If you are desperate to sell, don't make any rash decisions before you read this article.  Look at our 'independent guide to a quick sale' as there may be more options open to you than you first thought.

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