Supporting you through Renting and Letting in the UK

Apart from all the benefits of joining highlighted in our membership page, this is the kind of email/telephone help we have given tenants and landlords:-

If you are moving from your family home, perhaps as a student or to rent nearby with friends or just a room, we can help support you to ensure you find a property that is let legally through the right agent/landlord. If you moving to the UK from abroad, we can help guide you on what you need to know and where you need to look - even before you've left home!

These are the kind of questions we've helped tenants and renters with:-

1. Where do I find rented accommodation?
2. Can I just rely on the internet?
3. What do I need to know if I am renting with friends?
4. Should I pay a letting agent or landlord an administration fee?
5. I've failed credit checks and referencing but don't know why.
6. What bills will I have to pay when renting?  
7. Can I choose to pay rent weekly or monthly?
8. What questions can I ask to make sure the landlord is legal?
9. The landlord/letting agent won't let me leave my contract early. What can I do?
10. I can't get my deposit back from the landlord/letting agent. What can I do?

It's a increasingly tough job making sure you let a property legally and find a tenant who pays rent on time and doesn't wreck your home.

Here are the kind of Q&As and services we have helped Landlords with:-

1. How do I find properties that are below market value?
2. What's a good deal on a buy to let mortgage?
3. Letting a property seems easy enough, do I really need to pay a letting agent?
4. Can I use a standard 'off the shelf' tenancy agreement you can buy on-line?
5. Is there a tenancy deposit scheme that won't cost me anything?
6. What's the difference between the various landlord insurance packages?
7. My tenants stopped paying their rent, what do I do?
8. I can't rent my property, what can I do?
9. Can I insure against loss of rental income?
10.Is it possible to sell my property with the tenants still in it? 

We can also help if you:-

1. Have questions about working with local councils to rent your property
2. Want a quick check of your letting agreement or terms of business agreement
3. Want to rent a room and understand your rights and responsibilities
4. Struggling to maintain your buy to let portfolio
5. Have a dispute with your tenant, landlord or your letting agent.  

Feel free to CALL US on 0845 838 1763 or email:

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