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Rented Property Tax

Top Three Tips on where to look to find help on Landlord Taxation! 
1.  Property tax is complicated and there are only a few specialists that deal purely with
     property tax. Make sure your accountant/tax consultant only deals with property tax issues.
2.  Understand how they will help you with any tax investigations by HMRC.
3.  Ensure your tax consultant understands the importance of liaising regularly with an IFA/
     Wealth Manager and your legal representative.
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We've listed three companies below that we know, or have used ourselves and they are
certainly worth contacting to obtain a competitive quote.
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Carl Bayley

If you have bought one of Kate's Property Packs and need more help with landlord  
taxation or have a problem, email or tel 0845 838 1763

Disclaimer:  The information supplied above is given in good faith and we cannot accept any
liability for any loss or damage resulting from the use of any of these companies or services.

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