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Property Valuation

Top Three Tips to Choosing Companies to Value a Property
1.  Make sure the company you use is independent ie doesn't benefit from the
     valuation being higher or lower.
2.  Check how they value properties. Some on-line systems are only as good as the
     data they are based on, which is typically historic data.
3.  Remember a property is worth what YOU will/can pay and what the seller is willing to
     accept. Always check valuations with local agents. 
Here are three companies that we know, have used and worked with and would be
worth contacting in relation to arranging a valuation of a property.
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Designs on Property
DIY Service

Designs on Property
Premium Valuation

If you have bought one of Kate's Property Packs, and you require help with your valuation 
research, then email us at or tel 0845 838 1763.

Disclaimer:  The information supplied above is given in good faith and we cannot accept any
liability for any loss or damage resulting from the use of any of these companies or services.

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