Property Information Portal - Special Offer

As a thank you for being a supporter of Designs on Property and in some cases testing this facility for us, we would like to offer you a special discounted rate.

As a reminder, here's what PIP can offer you:

Our service:

  • Exclusive service to you as a PIP member
  • Accessible from all over the world by email or phone
  • Opening hours 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday, excluding UK public holidays
  • Up to 5 enquiries per calendar year, maximum 30 minutes of research time on each occasion
  • Bespoke answers within 48 hours

The PIP service offers information to help anyone working in, launching into or researching property facts and figures:

  • Summary of relevant economic data
  • Government consultation alerts and updates
  • Housing strategies and surveys
  • Bespoke reports, for example, changes in tenure or buy to let landlords
  • Information to help inspire consumer content
  • Bespoke answers to property enquiries

Subscription Plans

Monthly subscription: £12 p/mth 

Annual subscription: £130 incl VAT

Corporate subscription:

  • Up to 5 subscribers: £599 incl VAT
  • Up to 10 subscribers: £1,100 incl VAT

How to Subscribe

Please call us on 07585 897128 or Contact us

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