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Just as with magazines and TV programmes, the book publishers are also cashing in on our property passion. There are literally hundreds of books to choose from and they are rapidly taking up much more shelf space within our book retailers or web pages, for those that purchase from Amazon! There are even eBooks which you can purchase, which are available exclusively over the net through websites, such as Designs on Property!

Books are great for any property project or passion, as they are written by the experts with lots of experience in their field. Some of the books suggest other reading material that you can access to learn even more about the subject you are interested in. Don't forget, if you are ever short of a present or two for a birthday, Christmas or Mother/Fathers' Day, then you can usually find books for all price ranges from £5 to over £100!

Click below for books about:-

Buying and Selling
Renting and Letting
Renovate or Convert
Develop or Build
Property Investment


In this section we have looked at a range of different magazines, over a range of sectors, from buying a property, to developing your very own grand design.

We have also included a section on subscription prices for comparison purposes.

To go to your desired section, simply click on the link, and this will take you through to a selection of magazines for your appropriate section.


No of

Buying and Selling9
Renting and Letting5
Renovate and Convert8
Develop and Build9
Property Investment7
Social Housing5

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