Designs on Property - Premium Valuation Service

There are two ways we can help you independently value a property:-

Premium Valuation Service
Securing a valuation in the current market is not easy as we are only selling half the number of properties due to the credit crunch.  For example, a fair price for a property might be £125,000 but if there is only one buyer willing to offer £105,000, then the true value is £105,000.

Our service will be really helpful whether you are buying, selling or looking to price a property for investment as we have years of experience valuing thousands of property over time. It costs £99.

This service includes:-

1. Desktop research to find sold comparables
2. Estimated minimum and maximum price
3. We actually talk to the agents in the property's vicinity

No valuation is 100% accurate as you only know the exact value when somebody is willing and able to proceed to completion.

However, it is possible to create guide prices which give you an indication to you as a buyer, seller, investor, of the likely minimum and maximum value.

If you would like to discuss the above further, please feel free to call us on 0845 838 1763 or email

Alternatively, if you would prefer to do the work yourself, we have formulated this service into an eBook which can be downloaded.

Legal Bit!
Valuing property is a subjective process. The final price of a property depends on the agreement between a buyer and seller, the mortgage company, the surveyor and so on.

In this valuation service then we will provide an estimated minimum and maximum valuation based on the information provided by you, eg. the number of number rooms, state of repair, etc and our research.  The service is intended to provide you with relevant information that helps you to decide on the likely value of a home. Please note that within this price we do not inspect the property or its surroundings ourselves and it is essential that you do. No liability can be accepted for the valuation on which you finally decide.

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