Overseas Property Market Update Q1 2010

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As economies begin to show signs of recovery across the globe (for now!) so do overseas property prices. Latest news from Global Property Guide:-

"19 out of 36 countries showed house price growth in the last quarter. Of those that continue to fall, the rate is slowing apart from very oversupplied areas such as Ireland and Bulgaria and following a local spat, Thailand"

Recovery isn't everywhere though, it's still quite tentative and very much tied into how the country is performing economically. Needless to say Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong and Singapore are doing well as is inner London which is benefiting from international buyers who love the low prices caused by property price falls and the low pound. Other strong performing areas include Scandinavian countries such as Finland and Norway.

For those looking for holiday homes overlooking the beach, be careful these are highly subjective purchases and many people have been burnt not just by the sun but also by their holiday home purchase! You may be able to bag a bargain in the likes of Spain and Florida, but if you do, make sure you do it because your really want a holiday home there, not to make money!

Be very careful when looking to buy abroad - and if you need any help, feel free to call us on 0845 838 1763 or email enquiries@designsonproperty.co.uk.

Read the latest report from the Global Property Guide team and the Knight Frank Global Property Reports.

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There are far too many stats to list here about what's happening in every country around the world! However there are four good statistics resources that are worth studying:-



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