Overseas Property - Magazines

In this section we shall be looking at magazines, which we feel would be ideal if you are looking at buying, selling or investing in property overseas. We have split the magazines into two sections:-

Consumer Magazines - These are aimed specifically at the consumer/general public and  offer useful information, facts and case studies to follow.

Industry Sector Magazines - These are aimed at people in the trade, these offer high levels of factual information, but often have little entertainment material.

 Consumer Magazines

Magazine TitleBrief DescriptionSubscriptionFrequency
Living AbroadLiving Abroad is the premier guide to living abroad, it follows real life stories of Ex-pats who can tell all the pros and cons.£29/12monthsMonthly 
Living SpainUk's best selling guide to living in Spain and Buying property in Spain£17.85/12 monthsBi-Monthly
Homes OverseasThis magazine has been around since 1965 and deals in property abroad, offering help to people every step of the way.£34/12 monthsMonthly
EscapeIf your looking to buy property overseas, look no further than this magazine.£12/4 issuesQuarterly
A Place in the SunThe Popular Channel 4 show, now in magazine format, this provides information and tips on buying property abroad and living there too.£34/12 monthsMonthly
French Property NewsThe main magazine covering all aspects of living in France, to finding the right property, finding a solicitor, surveyor etc...£40.68/12 monthsMonthly

 Subscription Price Comparison

Magazine TitleiSubscribe PriceMagazine-StandMagazine-groupDirect PurchaseFrequency
 Living Spain£17.85/12 months£17.85/12 months£17.85/12 months£17.85/12 monthsBi-Monthly
A Place in the Sun£34/12 months£34/12 months£34/12 monthsN/AMonthly
French Property News£43.08/12 months£40.68/12 months£40.68/12 monthsN/AMonthly

 Industry Sector

Magazine TitleBrief DescriptionSubscriptionFrequency
Overseas Property Proffesional This is the only magazine dedicated to serving the needs of proffesionals interested in the overseas property market.£55/12 monthsMonthly 

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