New Homes Commentary for August 2009

New Homes Commentary for August 2009
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The new homes market continues to 'bottom out' from a price decline perspective and in fact on average show a 2% increase. Purchases are still being held back by a lack of mortgage lending - particularly on new builds. However it appears that new build property prices are about as low as they will go.

This month's index shows that some areas are starting to see a few price rises, for example, Scotland, Wales and East Anglia are showing rises from the last three months and London/South West are even up year on year by 13% and 9% respectively. However, these figures are 'jumping' around from month to month, so to really call 'market bottom' in different areas we need to see at least three months worth of positive price changes. Meanwhile volume is still VERY LOW, with developers adding around 1,000 new homes a month to advertise on  

However the next few month will be a good market test as we will see more stock come onto the market as developers have started to build on sites they had previously stopped developing.

So, if you are thinking of buying a new build home and can secure the finance to do so, now is definitely a good time to be looking (as long as you are planning to stay in the home for five or more years).

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New Homes Data from Smartnewhomes

Statistic MeasureFeb 09Mar 09Apr 09May 09Jun 09Jul 09Aug 09
Average new home price£227,893£220,128£220,955£215,857£214,846£212,440£217,058
Monthly % change+2.8%-3.4%+0.4%-2.3%-0.5%-1.1%+2.2%
Three monthly change+0.6%-2.8%-0.3%-5.3%-2.4%-3.9%+0.6%
Annual % change-9.6%-13.2%-13.0%-15.3%-13.7%-13.6%-10.4%
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