New Homes Commentary August 2010

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New build properties across the UK are managing to hold their value for now, and indeed the average price of a new home according to Smart New Homes hasn't really changed that much and fluctuates between £215,000 and £220,000. A difference of less than .001% over nine months.

What the new build figures show well is that prices haven't really changed that much almost over the last 12 months. Supply has stayed low and buyers are few and far between. Where supply matches demand, prices are stable.

The worry in the new build market though is immense. As usual it's not really prices that cause developers (as well as buyers and sellers) a problem, it's volume. With the new coalition's policy of passing back planning permission to local people, the industry's fear is that much needed homes won't be built and when lending goes back to normal in one or two years time, there just won't be the property available for people to buy.

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