Property Investment Market Update July to September 09

The property investment market is starting to be a bit tougher, even if if those with cash as respossession opportunites decline and sellers have more buyers knocking at their door! Professional investors are still finding properties between 30% and 50% below market value, but the deals are a bit like a needle in a haystack!

New rules on sale and rent back have resulted in people looking at lease options on property from people wanting to move but not take on the responsibility of letting. This methodology hasn't been proven to work yet, so beware jumping on a band wagon, seek professional advice from companies that are doing this properly.

Don't worry too much that deals are 'over', they are still around and the market will naturally pick up September to October so look for the best deals in November and December. 

You MUST be aware of MAJOR LEGAL changes, especially on SALE AND RENT back schemes. READ MORE!  
Headline Statistics
There are no real statistics that regularly track property investment, however below are links to some of the most useful stats on property investment.

However, the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) have released this report on BTL Mortgages. It's apparent that the BTL market has been hit as hard as the residential market, with loans down by 56% and Savills have issued their Spotlight on Student Housing Report 2009

Other useful Resources:-

Their statistics supply a wealth of useful data, however in 2009 they are charging an enormous fee of over £7,000 per year to access their data. Clearly the credit crunch is also affecting CML funds! If you are a journalist you may be able to contact their press office for statistics.  

For more market commentary on a national or local level:-
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