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Property Market Update February 2011

Please read our quick market snapshot below so you can find out what's happening in EVERY property market and what this means for you as property buyers, renters, investors or developers. This information and our updates will help and if you have any questions call 0845 838 1763 or email: 

Buying and Selling UpdateActivity in the property market for February showed the usual seasonal uplift in the number of buyers coming onto the market and the number of sales being agreed. Under 'normal' circumstances we would probably have seen a bounce in house prices as a result by now, but in the main the increased activity is still poor versus pre-credit crunch and indeed activity in 2011 seems lower than 2010, so prices remain subdued. READ MORE
New Homes UpdateNew build properties appear to be proving fairly resilient versus the rest of the buying/selling sector. Prices had fallen back in January versus previous months, but bounced back well in February. READ MORE
Residential Auctions UpdateThe auction market will always do well during a recession, but it's also a good guide to what's actually happening between real buyers and sellers. To date, the figures from the EI Group suggest that the strength is on the side of the buyer, with more lots coming onto the market than previous years, so an increase in supply. READ MORE
Renting and Letting UpdateFor many tenants who would probably prefer to be buying a property if they could, the rental market is starting to make life quite difficult. Huge rises in the number of people looking to rent due to buyers' lack of confidence and inability to secure mortgages, means lots of competition when hunting for a rental property. READ MORE
Land and Self Build UpdateWith the recovery in the economy to date, apart from self build plots, all land values have risen in 2010, both in Q2 versus Q1 and versus 2009. READ MORE
Property Investment UpdateIf you have cash as a property investor, or are making your money from buy to let, then 2011 should be a pretty good year for you! READ MORE
Overseas Market UpdateThe third quarter of 2010 showed a slowdown in the 'bounce back' for property prices internationally, according to the latest report from the Global Property GuideREAD MORE

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Helpful Property Market Statistics
When looking at the property market, it's a good idea to know what the facts and figures are, especially as some media reports and especially headlines, tend to give a distorted view of the facts and figures.

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Number of Homes
There are just over 26 million properties in the UK
Home Ownership
In the UK approximately 70% of these properties are partly owned with a mortgage lender or owned outright. The rest are owned by social landlords such as Housing Associations.  
Ownership Breakdown
Of the 70% of homes owned privately approximately 18.2mn, it is estimated that a third of these are owned outright, without a mortgage. That means approximately six million homes are owned outright.
Number of Mortgaged Properties
Out of the 26 million homes in the UK, meaning less than 50% are mortgaged, leaving approximately 12 million properties part owned and part mortgaged. 

Summary of the Property Markets in the UK
Apart from the market of home ownership, there are also lots of other markets that are worth monitoring in the UK including:-

Buying and Selling Market
Approximately 1.2-1.5 million homes are bought and sold every year in the UK. Except in 2008 when due to the credit crunch, sales fell to an all time low of around 800-900,000 transactions. 

Residential Auctions
Approximately 10% of homes are sold through auction houses during the year. In normal years that's around 100,000 properties.

Private Sales Markets
This is where a seller sells without using an agent or an auction house. Approximately 7% of homes are sold via this method, 84,000.

Part Exchange
This is where a company or builder buys a property from a seller, while selling them another property. Prevalent in the new build and retirement market.

Renting and Letting Market
Rarely reported by the media, this is an increasingly important market, with as many people renting during the year as buying/selling. There are approximately 1.5 to 2 million properties rented privately every year. ie not through a Housing Association owned property.

Land Market
Most of the land in the UK is not built on at all. There are lots of different types of land, land sold for development with planning permission; land sold for diary or arable farming and woodland.

Commercial Property
This is a massive sector within the UK and breaks down into large regeneration projects that involve social and private housing; shopping malls; office and warehouse space; new transport links right through to small commercial properties such as a small shop or office on a high street.

Overseas Property Market
This is typically broken down by country, but can also be broken down into property types as below and looked at as properties for international purchases and ones for local people.

Property Market in Detail
As well as lots of different markets, each market breaks down further into smaller markets such as:-

New Build Market
New homes built by developers which breaks down to social new builds and privately developed ones. Normally we build just over 200,000 of these a year.  

Self Build Market 
This is a fascinating market where over 15,000 people either build or employ someone else to build them their own home.

Second Hand Homes
These are homes that have already been lived in and owned. Second hand homes break down into lots of markets of their own including: 

Property Types
Flats, houses, maisonettes, bungalows all of which could have been built in different decades such as 1930s homes; Edwardian; Victorian; Georgian; Listed Homes.

Property Sizes
Typically measured in square metres in other countries, but in the UK often broken donw by one, two, three, four; five bed plus homes. 

Within this market place there are many other statistics that are important to monitor, such as the financials including:-

Average mortgage lending versus average wage
This gives an idea of the 'affordibility' of homes in the UK versus earnings.

Average amount borrowed to purchase a home/deposit paid
This gives an idea of whether people are taking on more debt to buy a home

What method people choose to pay off their mortgage
For example interest owner versus repayment.

Average number of people behind on their mortgage payments, or being repossessed
This gives an idea of homes likely to come onto the market and those struggling, typically in poor economic conditions, such as the 'credit crunch' or 'downturn' of 2008. Typically these figures are very low at less than 1% of the number of people who actually own a home with a lender.

Tracking Mortgage Rates Offered
This information gives an idea of what is likely to happen in the market place in the future. Normally it is worth watching what happens with fixed, variable, tracker and discount rates. 

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