Supporting you through your Conversion, Renovation or Self Build

Apart from all the benefits of joining highlighted in our membership page, this is the kind of email/telephone help we have given developers and self builders:-

These may seem fairly easy tasks to begin with, but you are likely to come across problems fairly soon into your project as they are rarely straightforward.

These are the kind of questions we've helped renovators/convertors with:-

1. How far ahead should you plan your property project?
2. What are the options to borrow money for your project?
3. Do you need a contract with a builder/tradesman/company? What should it include?
4. Should you buy the materials yourself?
5. Should you pay everything upfront to the builder/tradesman/company?
6. How do you deal with builder/tradesman/companies if their work isn't as good as you expected?
7. Do you need an electrician to fit new sockets?
8. Your tradesman/builder has disappeared with your money - what can you do?
9. Do you need planning permission?  
10. What building regulations do you need to adhere to?

Self Build
Many people want to self build, but think that they can't afford it or don't have the skills - nothing could be further from the truth!

Here are the kind of Q&As and services we have helped Self Builders with:-

1. Who's the best person to talk to about financing a self build?  
2. How much will it cost me to build my own home?
3. Should I buy a self build kit or build from scratch?
4. Can I buy land to build on without planning?
5. Do I need an architect?
6. I've got planning permission can I start building now?
7. Should I get a builder to do everything or contractors?
8. Do I need a project manager? How much do they cost?
9. Can I build a property myself?
10.How much will my property be worth when I've built it?

We can also help if you:-

1. Want to know how much a project is likely to cost.
2. Have a dispute with your builder/tradesman
3. Find different companies for self build kits
4. Help source specific materials you are struggling to find
5. Look for key points in contracts

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