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The main thing you need to know is, what to do or who to ask about what you don't know!  This is what we are here for, so ...

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Top 5 things you need to know BEFORE you think about buying a home abroad!Top 5 things you need to know BEFORE you think about buying a home abroad!
I know that if you want a holiday home you’ll be more interested in what and where  you buy, but unfortunately if you don’t take into account the legal, tax and currency exchange details, it could become the worst purchase you’ve ever made.
Top Five Tips to be a Successful Buy to Let Investor
In today’s recessionary times, with falling house prices and rental income, what you have to do to become or even remain a Buy to Let Investor. Follow our top five tips as a quick guide to how to succeed.
Stop, Look and Listen before you go for ‘no money’ down deals!
Well they are at it again! Back in mid 2000 there were lots of property sourcing companies offering what appeared to be, and what turned out to be, unbelievable deals on property for investment purposes.
 Property investors – will prices fall further or is now the time to buy?
The immediate answer to this question is both! Yes prices on some properties in some areas will continue to fall during 2009 and in other areas could even start to rise.
Is it Worth Buying a Holiday Home Overseas?Is it Worth Buying a Holiday Home Overseas?
OK, so you’ve had a fab holiday, drinking Ouzo or G&T’s and spent every day on the beach! You couldn’t help but notice a few ‘for sale’ signs for some lovely properties, perhaps ramshackle farm cottages in need of TLC or beautiful beach front penthouse apartments and villas.

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