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How to Self Build

Welcome to your one stop, independent, resource for self build and renovation projects!

Before embarking on any major project there's always a certain amount of research you need to undertake and building your own home is no exception. So, what help do you need and what should you know before you build a house? 

Here are a few things you need to research - mortgages and financing for self build; find a building plot; house building tips; building property insurance and home building associations.

Want to know who's behind Designs on Property? It's run by people who are passionate about property and work right across the industry, helping consumers carry out their property projects successfully first time around, including building your own home.

Here's some FREE help to get you started if you are thinking about building a property:-

Self Build isn't all about Grand Designs!
Building your own home, or one for profit, may seem like a daunting task and best left to those with building experience and massive budgets that you see on shows like Grand Designs. However, most self builds are just ordinary homes, that you would normally buy from a developer with a few personal changes.

On average self builders spend around £280,000, with projects ranging from as little as £100k, including land and build costs to well over a million pounds.

Many people think renovating a property is much easier than self building when it often isn't! Self building is often easier than renovating a property if you organise your finances and your project really well.

The hardest part of self building is often getting the project started and finding land that you can build what you want on can take from six months to a few years.

Still have a self build question? Email us at or tel 0845 838 1763 for independent help and advice.

Still have a self build question? Email us at or tel 0845 838 1763 for independent help and advice.

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