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Property and house prices are one of the most talked about subjects in the UK, whether they are going up - or going down! Everyone wants to know what the future holds, as the answer to this question has such a big effect on our economy and such an effect on our own personal wealth.


The difficult truth is that no one to date has been able to successfully predict property prices, even a few months ahead let alone years in advance and very few people can even accurately predict the price an individual property will sell at.

This section aims to quickly help you read between the scary media headlines so you understand:-

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  1. Which property price reports are worth taking notice of and why.
  2. How to use the property price reports to help you.
  3. The six prices of an individual property.
  4. How to price an individual property to make the right offer or sell at a fair price.

Visit our Property Valuation Services and resources section if you need help valuing a property or want to know the latest property price predictions.

To find out more about how we can support you during your property project visit our Introduction page in the Essentials section. 

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