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Mixed Picture Emerges for RepossessionsAdvice on PropertyInvestment and Property
House Prices in UK for January 2011Are New Build Properties a Good Buy?Regional Variations in the Auction Property Market
2011 PredictionsHow to Buy a FlatAnyone can be a Victim of Squatters - Take Precautions!
What can you do to avoid squatters taking over your property?Dealing with SquattersAdverse Possession
Beware of ‘fantastic deals’ being offered on US properties!Got a good estate agent? Give them a good report! Property Investment Fraud by a Developer and Surveyor Exposed to the tune of £50 million!
The Best MortgagesInternational Property Bounce Back SlowingHigh Risk Residential Markets – New report from Savills
House Prices in UK - December 2010 Property AnalysisHouse Prices by AreaNew Homes Market - Which are the Top Performing Areas?
Estate Agent Awards 2010Conveyancing on the Move!Ongoing low mortgage rates create an ‘interest rate-spoilt’ generation
House Auction Prices - Now could be the time to bag a bargain!New Built Homes Continue to 'Buck the Trend'Welcome to Maintenance Week!
What impact will the Spending Cuts have on Buying and Selling in 2011?Avoiding a £500 survey could cost buyers nearly £2,000!House Property Prices - 'north-south' divide developing?
Property BooksTips for Selling a HouseHouse Property Prices - Is there dwindling activity in the Housing Market?
Capital Gains Tax Property SaleThe Property LadderCost of Selling a House
Overseas Property Market - Performing Economies Impact on Property PricesResidential Property SaleProperty Sale Price
Prices of Houses Sold - Media ReportingNew Built Houses Managing to Hold ValueHouse Auction Prices - Market Cooling
Sarah Beeny’s New Property Show: Help! My House is Falling DownKate Faulkner’s Top 10 Property Survey Tips!Kate’s 10 Property Survey Tips for Buyers!
Number of Property Repossessions FallingMortgage Best BuysHouse Moving Tips and Free Move Day Checklist
How to sell a property in a falling marketFlat Living is Launching Nationwide Leaseholders RoadshowsBBC Radio Nottingham Property Market Update with Frances Finn
Is the Housing Market Really Slowing?New Homes suffering from a lack of buyersTop Five Websites to Help you Value your Home
House Auction Prices - Market Continues to StallHow to check out the Local Property MarketWhat to ask the Agents to better understand your Local Property Market
House Property Prices - Market SnapshotAdvice for Buyers and Sellers for the rest of 2010!Be Alarmed – Be Very Alarmed!
Is now a good time to Buy or Sell Property Overseas?The Legal Steps to Buying and SellingProperty Selling Advice - New research reveals how to maximise your home's value!
Think of the House Purchase Costs when Viewing PropertiesHow to Make and Accept an OfferAre House Auction Prices improving ... or is it just a one off?
International Moves - Buying Property AbroadTop Tips for Picking Removal ServicesEssential steps to a stress free moving day
Buying and Selling Property - when the property chain breaksHouse Property Prices - Is the media causing optimistic asking prices?Property Price News - New builds continue to be great value for money
Interior Styles and Room Colour SchemesMoving House CostsA Room Design Plan to make the most of the Space in Your Home
Property Price News - Are we heading for the dreaded 'double dip'?New Build Housing Market experiences a 'price spurt'!Why isn't my House Selling?
Are better mortgages REALLY available?When will people buy property and borrow again?You’ve got to Spend Money to Make Money
Another Housing Minister is announced!Mortgage Repossessions Remain Lower than ExpectedWhat effect will an increase in Capital Gains Property Tax have on the market?
How useful is a Sold Property Price?Is now the Time to Buy or Sell Property Abroad? Coalition Government: Property Industry has its say
New Spring/Summer Fabric CollectionsHow to Sell a Property in a Slow MarketSelling Property Privately or with an Estate Agent?
Selling and Buying Property Top 10 Need to Knows! Buying a House - 10 Ways to Exploit a Buyer's MarketHousing market predictions and property sold prices - should we be getting excited?
Top 10 Checks to Make when Buying a Period PropertyProperty Investment is NOT a Passive Pastime!Quick Sale Top 10 Tips
Property Investing in 2010Are you in the market for a property abroad?Five reasons why you should think about what type of property to buy
House Price Market Update for February 2010How is the new build homes market faring?Property Auction Market
What do you need to know when buying abroad?What are the financial implications of buying and living abroad?What are the legal differences when buying and living abroad?
How to Find the Best Estate Agent when Selling a Period HomeFirst Time Buyers Desperately Need Independent Advice!New Interior Design Trends for 2010!
How to Value a Rural Property for SaleHow to Sell a Period HomeKate Faulkner comments on the Office of Fair Trading Report on Home Buying and Selling
Think you can trust lenders, mortgage advisors, surveyors and solicitors? Think Again!How to Sell a Rural PropertyHow to Find the Right Agent when Selling a Rural Home
Will house prices fall by 50%?Is this the trend of property prices in a crisis?Why is this company/individual so anti property?
Top Five things you need to know when Choosing an Independent SurveyorWhy do I need a Building Survey?Act now to make money from your home!
Top Five things you need to know when Choosing a Home Information Pack to Sell Your HomeTop Five things you need to know when Reading a Home Information Pack to Buy a HomeA Surveyor
It’s official: Buying a home is more stressful than having a child!Kate Faulkner joins Leading Experts in the Housing Market at the Northern Ireland Housing ConferenceA Home Information Pack (HIP)
Why do People Fall for Scams?What is Buying at a Discount?Working with Estate Agents
Kate’s Predictions for 2010Choosing an Estate Agent to Sell your HomeChoosing a Legal Company to Buy and Sell your Home
Who should you use to Sell your Property Privately?Is Snow Impacting the Performance of the Property Market?Has the Credit Crunch made Homes Affordable Again?
New Year House Resolutions!Are you eligible for £400 off your next boiler?Kate's Summary of the 2009 Property Markets
What to do if you are a Property Investor in 2010Top Five Tips to Buying or Selling at AuctionTop Five Tips to Buying a New Home in 2010
Attention all Landlords – Act on Climate Change now and Save Money! What to do if you are a Buyer in 2010What to do if you are a Seller in 2010
Latest Property Market NewsRental rates on the rise? Overview of the rental market 2009-10Should you buy, sell, rent, renovate or build in 2010?
Do properties in high performing school areas cost more?Join in on the The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings National Maintenance Week!Watch out for Letting Agents Running off with your Cash!
How to buy via an Estate AgentShould you buy before the stamp duty increase?Need to sell fast? Why not try an ‘Open House Weekend’
New Planning Mediation Service launched by the RICSLatest Nottingham Property News with Kate Faulkner - BBC Radio NottinghamHIPS – when will the politics stop?
Call for Managing Agents to work closer with Solicitors and SurveyorsThinking of Renewing your Home Insurance?What to consider when investing or buying overseas
Top Five Reasons why Houses DON’T Sell Fast!What’s Going to Happen to House Prices in 2010?When and How you should Sell your Property Investments
Is it Worth Buying a Holiday Home Overseas?Top 5 things you need to know BEFORE you think about buying a home abroad!Five Options for a Quick Sale
Top Five Tips to Buying a Holiday HomeSelling a Holiday Home or Property OverseasSelling a Flat
How do we solve the problem of Second Home Ownership?Top 10 Reasons why YOU should work with an Independent Financial AdvisorAre property prices going up or down?-

Is it still acceptable to have a second home when so many people can’t afford one?

Will the current potential solutions to encourage and expand rural village life work?

Major holiday home tax break changes could cost you thousands!
Buying Overseas: Top Ten Dos and Don'tsInvesting Overseas: Top Ten Dos and Don'tsTop 10 Tips for Buying a Holiday Home in the UK



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