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Property Associations

At Designs on Property we think that property associations offer an amazing amount of practical help and information for anyone thinking of moving, renting, building or renovating a property.

To help you find reputable services, do check that they are members of Property Associations or Trade Bodies. Below is a list of all of the Property Assocations we have found:-

Property Associations 
Buying and Selling
Renting and Letting
Renovating or Converting
Developing and Building
Historic or Unusual
Social Housing

Working with companies that belong to these associations can help you as they give:-

  • Give some recognised industry training or qualifications to members.
  • Offer codes of practice or additional support to help create good practice and customer service standards.
  • Have a 'find a ....' service online or by telephone.

In the property industry there are two different types of associations or bodies. The first are organisations that members join voluntarily such as the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA). The second are organisations that they need to be registered with to carry out that specialist work, such as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) or Gas Safe to work with gas pipes and appliances.

Part of the aim of these organisations is to promote their industry so that membership sets them apart from others in their industry. There are therefore not just one but several different organisations that the companies or individuals can be part of. Use the table above to find an association in the field you want.

Before you partake in any services to do with property, it is important that you check out what organisations, companies and individuals belong to, if any, and understand how you may benefit from choosing their service over others.

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