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Social Housing

Over thirty percent of households in the UK come under this heading, yet apart from a few websites and local authority information, there is hardly anywhere else you can go to for help.

At Designs on Property we have created the same information for you as we have done for those in private housing. The main difference being that everything we have is free for you.

There is actually a lot of help out there already and here are the main sources over and above information on our website:-

Shelter is an organisation that supports the homeless and those in bad housing. Their website provides great information on buying, selling and letting a property. They have their own way that you can support them, including buying books and leaflets about property.

The Housing Corporation is the government agency that funds new affordable homes and regulates housing associations in England, whilst also funding and regulating social landlords.

The Citizens Advice Bureau is a government organisation. This information is about finding accommodation. It deals mainly with finding rented accommodation, but does include certain schemes run by local authorities and housing associations to help you buy your own home.

Our Property Forum:-
Here at Designs on Property we are all about providing independent expert advice and information to the consumer. To help us achieve this we have a property forum.  Within the forum are links to social housing and charities, here you can chat to other members of Designs on Property, the MD of Designs on Property, Kate Faulkner, and companies and housing associations who are members of Designs on Property.

Social Housing
To find out more about where and how to find your way through the social housing maze, then ask your question at this forum and find out where to get free help from.

Do you have something that you can giveaway - or are you a charity that needs help? Use this free to access forum to ask for help or offer to help!

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