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The property market in the UK is worth billions of pounds, yet we still have people here who are homeless or in properties where they don't even have the basics, like a bed to sleep in. In today's world, we buy and replace things in our home more often than ever before.
For example beds, sofas and wardrobes. What to us maybe 'out of date' or of no use anymore, we usually take to the local rubbish dump. This is a shame as there are many people that could benefit from our throw away items.

The table below gives you a list of charities which you can either turn to for help, or donate your unwanted possessions to.

Charities to Turn to for Help 


Charities to Donate items to 



Furniture re-use Network


Community RePaint




Joseph Rowntree  Foundation

Association of Charity Shops

Help the Aged

British Red Cross

It's not just furniture that can be donated to help charities. We have trawled the country to find local and national charities that homeowners can help. We have found charities that you can donate odd or part used tins of paint to, ones that can help us raise money to go and learn new skills at home and abroad, while helping build a home for those really in need.

The charities that we have found are listed above in the table, so if you are buying, selling, renting, investing or just looking to have a clear out, then don't forget to search this section to see if there are some charities that you can work with on your property project.

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