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Land for House BuildingHow do you Value Land?
Advice on PropertyTo self build or not to self build?Building Regulation Requirements
Kate Faulkner in action at Grand Designs Live, ExCelDesign a PorchChecklist for Choosing House Books
Grant Shapps: Your new year’s resolution should be to build your own home! Adding Value to a HouseFancy investing in a bit of garden outdoor living with our lovely sunshine?
How to Add Value to Your HomeSTOP! Don’t give work to Cowboy Builders! Guttering Cleaning and Repairs
Kate’s 10 Property Survey Tips for Buyers!House ModernisationProperty Renovation for Sale
Don't DIY at Home without your iPhone!Sarah Beeny’s New Property Show: Help! My House is Falling DownKate Faulkner’s Top 10 Property Survey Tips!
Garden Grabbing is StoppedHave a DIY work out in Wales!Learn How to Repair a Timber Framed Building with SPAB
Is bigger better ... when it comes to your television size?Interior Styles and Room Colour SchemesA Room Design Plan to make the most of the Space in Your Home
New Spring/Summer Fabric CollectionsConverting a Garage into a RoomYou’ve got to Spend Money to Make Money
Think you can trust lenders, mortgage advisors, surveyors and solicitors? Think Again!New Interior Design Trends for 2010!In the market for a plot of land?
Kate’s Predictions for 2010Why do People Fall for Scams?Working with Estate Agents
New Year House Resolutions!Are you eligible for £400 off your next boiler?Kate's Summary of the 2009 Property Markets
Latest Nottingham Property News with Kate Faulkner - BBC Radio NottinghamNow IS the time to Build your Own Home!Should you buy, sell, rent, renovate or build in 2010?
Could this be a Green and Cost Effective Solution to Creating an Office at Home?Thinking of Renewing your Home Insurance?New Planning Mediation Service launched by the RICS
Are property prices going up or down?Planning Your Renovation & Home ImprovementsPotential Changes for Self Employed Construction Workers!
Costing your Property Renovation and Home ImprovementsMake sure you know how to Plan and Organise Property Renovation and Home ImprovementsThe Essential Guide to Finding a Good Builder or Tradesman!
10 Steps to Finding a Good BuilderHow to Sign a Contract with a Builder or Tradesmen!How to Cost Renovation Projects
Top Five Reasons to Build Your Own Home in 2009!Can Self Build help to Overcome a Shortage of Properties in the UK?Create a new Bathroom for £4,000!
Why not Build a Cashflow Positive 'Build to Let'?Three Steps to Financing a Self BuildBuild a Property: Top Ten Dos and Don'ts
Develop a Property: Top Ten Dos and Don'tsMaking your mark on the planetCreating an allergy free home


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