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Converting a Room

Converting a Room

The main thing you need to know is, what to do or who to ask about what you don't know!  This is what we are here for, so ...

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Articles for Converting a Room

Images10 Steps to Finding a Good Builder
With new homes being built at an all time low, builders are easier to find – but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to choose your builder with care!
 Carbon Footprints - Making Your Mark on the Planet?
Unless you have been on another planet for the past year you will no doubt have heard a lot of talk about carbon footprints and off-setting carbon emissions.  But what does it all mean?  What can we do about it and why would an interior designer be interested?
 How to Renovate Your Kitchen
There are five ways to renovate your kitchen, ranging from being on a budget and spending hundreds of pounds through to spending a hundred thousand pounds! Which kitchen renovation is right for you? Should you go for high quality granite worktops or stick with a low budget?
 Create a new Bathroom for £4,000!
It’s easy to get carried away with accessories that you don’t really need, so beware the very good ,bathroom salesman, who is likely to be able to get you to spend almost double what you originally planned. Yet if you shop around, there is no need to spend any more to achieve the bathroom of your dreams.
 Move or Improve? How to Successfully Carry out Improvements on your Home
When house prices stop rising, people often stay put and spend money on home improvements. Changes to people’s home can mean spending a few hundred pounds on painting and decorating, to hundreds of thousands of pounds on major extensions.

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