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ProgrammeBrief DescriptionRatingFactual/
Home for LifeThere's something lacking about this curious series - maybe it's the wishy-washy format or the fact that corporate brand designers Jamie and Phil never get their hands dirty. They just pop into suburban houses, mildly insult the decor, get the owners to think about colours or whatever, then leave them to it. The pair are on a crusade against magnolia! There is a definite lack of passion coming from the presenters and we're really at a loss to know why this programme is needed at all. 1/5E
It's Not Easy Being GreenFor all you 'green eco warriors' Dick Strawbridge (the man with the huge moustache) gives advice regarding all manner of green conversions and projects that could be carried out on a property. Just fast-forward through the non-property bits! 3/5F/E

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ProgrammeBrief DescriptionRatingsFactual/
New Homes from Hell 2009This programme follows the stories of people whose luxury properties have ruined their lives, including families who invested their hopes and money into improving their homes, only to have their dreams dashed.TBAF/E

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Brief Description



The Restoration ManGeorge Clarke travels the British Isles meeting people who want to restore architectural treasures. If this new programme is as good as GC's other shows, it'll be a good one to watch!TBAF/E

Property Ladder

Sarah Beeney helps investors make the most of their property, and gives them tips and advice on what to do, to gain the most money.



The Home Show

George Clarke helps home owners to create a home more suitable for their lifestyle.  Great programme, really useful if you are thinking of changing your property, just forward through the bits where the 'woman' flits off to different countries and at the end where all the friends collect outside to welcome the owners home.

4/5 (would get 5/5 if dropped woman and clapping friends and family!)


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Brief Description



Build a New Life in the Country

A move from the city to a rural retreat. George Clarke meets people chasing dream homes and new lives.



Cowboy BuildersMelinda Messenger and Dominic Littlewood come to the rescue of homeowners who have been let down by shoddy builders.4/5F/E
Put Your Money When Your House IsMelissa Porter presents the series that demonstrates the easy way to add value to a house.TBAF/E

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