Choosing an Agent - Top 10 Dos and Don'ts

  1. Do check agents out by pretending to be a buyer for your type of property in your price bracket first.
  2. Don’t just try the agents out on a week day, see what they are like on a Saturday too.
  3. Do work out what jobs you want the agent to do and what you want to do so that you can agree that when they value your property.
  4. Don’t go with ANY estate agent or the one with the highest valuation, choose the one that proves they have sold properties similar to yours in recent months.
  5. Do work out what questions you want to ask the agents BEFORE they turn up. Contact us for help at or tel 0845 838 1763.
  6. Don’t let agents just give you one valuation figure, ask for a marketing price, price to accept and a quick sale price.
  7. Do negotiate with the agents – they are used to it! Offer to pay higher fees if they sell at a higher price than you really need.
  8. Don’t sign their terms and conditions until you have read them first! Want to check them out – send them to us!
  9. Do declare if you have any interested buyers already and if you are selling your property privately at the same time.
  10. Don’t let the agent down, they work for you for free until they sell your home, so help them by keeping the property tidy, being available for viewings if you are doing them and if someone cancels a viewing on a summers day – blame them not the agent! 


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